Fast Help (U.S.)

“I really like Sam’s writing style.  Very pleased with her work.”  Gary H, FastHelp

Fast Help are a U.S. IT services provider who asked us to help them with some of their customer facing communication.  fasthelp

The problem:  Fast Help offer customers a support service which they receive free for the 1st year.  They were facing resistence from customers when it came time to renewing the subscription as customers struggled to understand why they needed to pay for support.

The task:  Our client needed an email template that they could use that would gently encourage customers to renew subscription to their support services.

What we did:  We realised that the only way to achieve our client’s aims was to find a way of wording an email that first and foremost, promoted the value of the support and clarified that they did in fact, receive the 1st year support for free – a complimentary service provided by the company.

The result:  Our client was so happy with our work and fast turnaround that we did not even need to make any amendments to the work we sent.


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