Office space vs working at home – Which is more productive?

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When running your own business, one of the decisions you need to make is where you will work.  Many prefer working from home, whilst other prefer to rent office space.  Either way, your business needs should drive your decision.  Here are some of the things you should consider whilst making your decision.



Working from the comfort of your own home can offer flexibility which renting office space may not offer in such abundance but, in order to be productive, it is important that you have enough and, the right amount, of space to work in.  Things like background noise or even the environment at home may be distracting in which case renting an office space may be more suitable for you.

In addition to the space you need to work in, you may also need storage space in which case considering renting this may be more effective than trying to find space at home and/or spreading resources over multiple locations.



If you work as part of a team or manage a team, you should decide whether it is most effective for you to do this remotely or face to face – or even a combination of both.  If you think that face to face arrangements may be needed then working from home as opposed to renting work space may not service these needs in which case you should consider renting office space, even if you do not utilise it  on a full-time basis.



Does your business require formal meetings?  You can of course rent meeting rooms on an ad-hoc basis if meetings are few and far between, which works well if you are working from home.  But if this is a more frequent requirement and /or you want to offer clients a branded environment, renting meeting rooms on a longer term basis may be an option to consider.


Do you have all you need?

Things like internet and telephone access are usually essentials for any business and although this may not be a problem when working from home, it may become one if say, you have to provide this for your staff.  In such cases, renting an office space may be a better option for you.


Work-life balance

Although working from home is a luxury that many people enjoy, it can be hard keeping work life completely separate from home life.  Some people are disciplined enough to do this well.  If however this is a struggle for you, renting office space is a good solution for this – it is nice to end the work day and go home to an environment which is not associated with work.


If renting office space, meeting rooms or storage facilities is something you feel would be useful for your business Send Business Center is one to take a look at.  They offer reasonable prices and flexible options which makes finding a solution that specifically meets your business needs easy and cost-effective.

2 thoughts on “Office space vs working at home – Which is more productive?

  1. James Bergman says:

    My father-in-law is one of those people that can tune out distractions out and work well from home. However, he still goes to the office often because he likes the social environment there, and sometimes it is just easier to solve problems when talking face to face. So, when I think of working from home I think it is all about how well you will be able to work in the environment vs how many people you have to work with. I personally prefer working in an office because it helps me concentrate. My father-in-law only goes to the office because he has people he needs to work with. It is all about what works best for you.

  2. Jon Steinfield says:

    This kind of topic have been creating debates ever since. Setting that aside, I am a type of worker who loves complete privacy, but that doesn’t mean that I’m only productive when I work alone. I both prefer working at home and in our office space, but as an employee, I trained myself to become a versatile worker. If my job requires me to be collaborative, I’ll go to our office space to start working, otherwise I’ll be stuck at home or anywhere I could somehow focus at my work, drinking coffee or tea.

    For me, productivity at work depends on the type of preference you have, and the level of your commitment to your job that makes you adjust for it, which then also becomes part of your personal growth.

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