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Do you need a professional touch to your content?

I specialise in writing:

  • Online content that will attract more traffic to your business
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimised) content so that you don’t get ignored
  • In a specific format that glues readers to your content

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Hire a professional writer.

Why should you hire me?
hire a professional writer

I am not an enthusiast who calls myself a professional.

Instead, I’m qualified and I am experienced.

Also, unlike many writing websites, you do not have to trawl through lots of freelance copywriters or content writers. I’m right here.

Just take a look at examples of my work through my freelance writing portfolio.  Or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Take a look at my client testimonials to see what they think of me and my work.


So, do I need to hire a copywriter or content writer? 

Although copywriters and content writers are two sides of the same coin, there are differences between the two.  Understanding these will help you judge which you need to hire.

I will increase the chances of a reader becoming a customer with:

  • Purpose-driven content writing
  • Website copy that is easy to scan and view on different devices
  • Article writing and blog posts that are useful for your target audience

Freelance copywriter for hire

What kind of content can I create for you?

My portfolio ranges from writing copy for Danbury & Mint’s collectable cards, to white papers, and a lot in between.

If you cannot see something you are looking for, get in touch to discuss your project.

SEO Writing

SEO Optimisation Tricks

Need search engines to pay more attention to your website?

I follow up to date SEO best practices to improve where your website ranks in search engine results.

SEO isn’t a one-off job.   It’s an ongoing one.  If you don’t have time to focus on this, I can help.

This includes:

  • Blogging
  • Social media posts
  • Any other type of online writing


freelance copywriting services

I’ll write the words, you’ll own the content.

I can write in your voice and in-line with your brand’s style.

My experience includes blogging, writing whitepapers and ghostwriting books (eBooks and for print).

This typically includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Article writing
  • Website copywriting
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks


Need zippy content to convert visitors into customers?

Whether your brand style is formal, informal, chatty or serious, I can transform bland copy into one that sells.  Copywriting is a science.  Having studied it and practised it, I understand how to use words that will glue your reader to your content.

I will ensure consistency across all of your marketing material by working with your style guides and existing tone.

This includes:

  • Marketing material
  • Website copy
  • Advertorials
  • Digital content

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