Article Writer

“Very quick and very easy to deal with! Self starter that needs little direction to get a task done.” Devin D, founder of

I deliver engaging, well researched and articulate writing for online and print publications.  My diverse firsthand experience as an IT professional, project manager, business owner and writer lends itself to range of subject matters but, with efficient and thorough research skills, I am able to write about almost anything with conviction.

For example, my regular writing jobs range from contributing expert computing based academic writing to Computer Science Degree to writing more casual style reviews for LikeMe.

“Sumatha is a London based freelancer and blogger who loves investigating new products for us here at We love the humorous yet informative approach she takes to everything she writes.”

My professional experience that has always relies on excellent communication skills and, with established relationships with professionals across a range of sectors, enables my work to branch into writing that requires interview based research.

Please contact me to discuss your article writing requirements.

Some links to my published work:

5 Simple Communication Tips to Increase Your Assertiveness (ghost written)

Workplace changing? 5 change & conflict management tips (ghost written)

Looking to hire an intern? Tips & Advice (ghost written)


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