Freelance Copywriter And Content Writer

Are you wondering why nobody is saying wow at all the good stuff you are saying?

Let me change that for you.

Hi, I’m Sumantha.

I create content that is:

  • Easy to read
  • Interesting
  • Authortative
  • SEO-friendly
Freelance Writer For Hire

I’m not an enthusiast who calls myself a professional.

Instead, I’m an experienced and full-time content writer and qualified copywriter.

Since 2012, I have helped my wonderful clients grow their business through targeted content.

Past clients include Perkbox, Acuity Training, Totem Marketing and more.

Writing was a side-hustle for a few years. But with the help of my wonderful clients, I was able to develop my reputation. And now, I now do this full-time.

Interested? Find out more here about what you will get when you hire me.

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I’m good at what I do. But I don’t expect you to take my word for it.

See for yourself.

Some examples of content I have created for clients include:

Freelance copywriter and content writer.

But, why me?

Because I know when to say ‘no’.

As a result of running my own businesses since 2004, I know how valuable a good reputation is.  Therefore, my priority isn’t to get as much work as possible.  It is to get the right work.

If your copywriting or content writing project is out of my depth, or I cannot meet your deadline, I won’t say ‘yes’.

Aside from that, I’m easy to work with. And I love what I do.    Take a look at what some of my clients say.

Let’s collaborate  to create content that people will want to shout about.