5 Shortcuts for Becoming a Freelance Writer in Record Time

With the aid of the internet and so many means by which a freelance writer can get jobs, it is much faster to set up your freelance writing business than you may imagine.  In truth, you can do so without spending a penny – all you have to spend is your time.

The world of freelance writing is a tough one.  Competition is fierce and desperate writers who believe in bulk over quality are driving the prices for buyers down.  Maintaining your quality standards which should be reflected in how much clients pay you is one way to take charge of your freelance writing career but this is only helpful once you have established yourself.

Here are five shortcuts on becoming a freelance writer in record time:

1.  Join the bidding wars!

Rather than politely applying for freelance writing jobs or waiting to be contacted for freelance writing jobs, get your hands dirty and join the mass freelance writing community who bid for jobs.  Websites like Elance and People Per Hour are great for this and it is the ideal place to start building your writing portfolio, networking and making some money from freelance writing in the process.

2.  Start blogging

When setting up or running your own freelance business in any field, the proportion of time spent marketing versus ‘doing’ should be more weighted.  Blogging is a great way to show of your writing and with sites like WordPress, you can do this for free.

3.  Use social networking to your advantage

Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have plenty of pages dedicated to freelance writing looking to network and find freelance writing jobs.  You should join groups and make your presence known so that the next time a buyer is looking for a writer or, a freelance writer needs another to take over some work, your name springs to mind.

4.  Be patient

J.K. Rowling has been known to share some of her tips on being a succesful writer in which having patience features.  She openly talks of the need of being patient when looking to get published and the same applies for freelance writers whether or not you are looking to write a book.  Taking on a variety of writing jobs may not adhere to topics you are passionate about but, do serve as stepping stones towards being able to bid for larger, more lucrative and more interesting freelance writing jobs that require some experience and proof of your writing abilities.

5.  Be savvy

Buyers will try to get as much out of you that their money can buy but, treat your time as being precious.  This is not to say that being ruthless is the only way to succeed at being a freelance writer but, being willing to do everything that the buyer wants without charging for the extra’s means that you are using time to make them happy that could be used to work on money-making projects.


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