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How to Take Charge of Your Freelance Writing Career

Being a freelance writer is not easy.  In fact, if you inspect any list of writing careers, you will find that they all tend to be quite lonely jobs.   Freelance writers are also often forced to accept low paying jobs just to keep the cash and work flowing.  Even freelancers who are writing great articles are all too often unrewarded for their talent and hard work. 

In a bid to promote our community and encourage buyers to pay us our worth, I have used my own experience to discuss how to become a freelance blog writer and get paid enough to make a sustainable living from it.

For a start, you need to stop accepting low paid jobs.  In my experience, charging a reasonable amount and sticking to it oozes confidence.  And if that confidence is backed with you writing great articles, you are guaranteed to get repeat business.  If a client expressively has a smaller budget you may feel that you are driving business away but actually, you are not.  I have been inundated with clients asking me to do corrective work because a cheap writer has done a bad job or, clients who have learnt from experience and are happy to pay a reasonable sum for someone who is good.

However, in order to turn down business in the short-term to fulfil a more long-term goal, money still needs to be flowing.  You could take on quick jobs to keep topping up the bank balance but, it wouldn’t be very time/cost-effective.   This is why it is wise to take the leap into being a full-time freelance writer once you have saved up 3-6 months’ salary and, have been earning a steady income for 6 months to a year.

The next thing is to keep writing for love.  Anyone is a writer will tell you that it wasn’t a choice to be a writer, it is who they are.  Don’t lose that passion because, the more you write the better you will be and, the more you write great articles the more business you will attract.

I know that this isn’t packed with the secret to being a successful freelance writer but, I do hope that it gives you some faith and motivation to keep doing what you are passionate about whilst integrating it with some strategy.  Happy writing!


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