Have your voice heard globally…Unbiasly

“Unbiasly was designed to bring together…what the media writes, what the people say…what your friends say…and what people see…”  Devin Dixon, creator of Unbiasly

Just now my Mum called saying that she was stuck in gridlock traffic asking whether I knew what had happened.  I went on the BBC’s live traffic update site and had no luck.  But then on Facebook, a friend wrote how there had been an accident nearby and all the surrounding roads weren’t moving.  I let Mum know.

Last week I found out that there was actually an online petition against Margaret Thatcher having a state funeral on Twitter.  Last month I found out that my friend had a baby girl and saw her first pictures on Instagram.

It is fairly safe to say that we are living in a social media driven culture.

Given that most people have multiple social media subscriptions, it is no wonder that companies like HootSuit are tapping into the niche of providing users with one interface to access multiple social media accounts.  Unbiasly is a new entry to that market but, with a fresh perspective.

What we read, see and hear influence all of us.  This is why the media have a responsibility to inform us accurately and without bias.  I hear you laugh.  I express a utopian concept but Unbiasly is a platform which brings us slightly closer to it.

How it works?

Once you have registered (free), you search for a keyword – I searched for ‘Thatcher’.

The results deliver a range of articles from different sources which you can read and then ‘take action’ – here you can select how biased you think it is, comment on it, and give it a star based rating.

When you move across the tabs, you also see Twitter comments, Facebook comments linked to your account, and Instagram images.

Cleverly, you can hone in on particular elements of your search criteria by adding more keywords – I tried ‘Funeral’.  This quite smoothly tailored my results however, slightly out of place, was an article about Simon Cowell…forgivable at the website’s current Beta stage.  As I clicked the ‘x’ next to ‘Funeral’, the results returned to the previous.

From a usability point of view, the website has clear navigation, results are instant and flexibility seems unlimited.

What does this mean?

With enough promotion, this could be a Facebook style revolution – a global, open and real-time discussion board with anyone who chooses to take part.  In a Western culture of ‘free speech’ and ‘democracy’, too many do not get their voices heard and Unbiasly may just be the future platform that makes international news.

Unbiasly is a refreshing concept that extends what is good about social media and global networking without jumping on the back of saturated markets.  Imagine yet another social media platform.  I like that its agenda is driven by distaste towards biased media accounts.  With so many of us being quite ignorant, being misinformed can have quite dire consequences as I found out on a recent Facebook argument; someone was ranting about ‘illegal immigrants draining the UK benefits system – if they are illegal, they can’t claim benefits.  But the slogan is a comfort zone for the ‘patriotic’ of the British population so they continue to harbour the views fuelled by certain newspapers.  How irresponsible.

Thank you Unbiasly for taking some responsibility in this travesty and giving the world a voice for real issues.


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