Finally, a way to make money from freelance writing

Being a freelancer is tough business.  Competition is fierce which makes not only winning jobs hard but, charging enough to make a living can be fruitless.

I had tried making money from freelance writing for years.  Naming no names, I spent a lot of time and effort writing through websites that made no financial sense.  In a bid to take it more seriously and place more value on my skills, I came across PeoplePerHour.

Here I found a wide array of jobs in abundance – it made me realise that while I was shoulder to shoulder with other freelancers, here was a forum which provided enough space for us all.  The site itself gave me a warm welcome with monthly free credits that allows me to bid for jobs – I finally had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Initially I struggled to stay motivated as I didn’t seem to be getting any response from jobs I was bidding for.  But I slowly got smarter.  I made my profile more sophisticated and set up ‘hourlies’ to focus my services and increase my presence.  For PeoplePerHour virgins, an ‘hourlie’ is a means by which you can claim to do something for a fixed charge.  Buyers can simply purchase your hourlie and voila! You have a job.

My first breakthrough moment was in November where I was asked to create some blog posts.  It was great as SEO writing wasn’t something that I had much experience in but, through the guidance of my client, I learnt fast.  And without PeoplePerHour, I never would have had such access.  I have since created and sold a variety of hourlies and, the intuitive website that allows easy virtual networking means, that I am now frequently approached by buyers to complete a variety of jobs.

PeoplePerHour has allowed me to join a community of professionals where one thing can quite literally, lead to another.  Just last weekend a copywriter asked me to complete a review of the latest Samsung Galaxy and, in being able to deliver a fast turnaround, he asked me whether I could squeeze in one more.  The initial earning potential of £15 instantly doubled.

From a business person’s point of view, PeoplePerHour cater for accounts management with their easily downloadable record of transactions.  It means that I have been able to maintain my accounts with no effort and instead, concentrate my efforts on making money.

Although there are many sites out there that allow buyers to advertise jobs and sellers to bid and sell services, I can’t help but feel that PeoplePerHour are deserved leaders.  Their high expectations means that, unlike other sites I have used, as a seller and buyer you are completely protected and, there is a real promotion of delivering high quality work.

I owe a lot to PeoplePerHour.  On the face of it they have simply enabled us to network with one another and fulfil mutual benefits.  But personally, this website has brought me closer to a dream I was beginning to think would never come true – to get paid for doing what I truly love.


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