How to make money writing online

How Carrie Bradshaw affords a Manhatten apartment, Manolo Blahnik shoes and glamorous parties on a writers income is a mystery.  Really she should be writing about how to make money writing, not me.

(Sorry to the men/non fans reading this, I promise all Sex and the City references end here).

With such abundance of writers that far outweigh the number of writing opportunities on the market means that it is incredibly hard to make money writing online and even more so, offline.  The lack of writing opportunities is compounded by the fact that we are in a buyers market so, even if you land yourself a writing job, you are limited as to how much money you can charge.

So how does one make money writing online?

The short answer is, through perseverance.  If you spend enough time trawling through the internet for opportunities, make enough effort to apply for fifty jobs to stand a chance of landing one, you are on your way.  But for anyone who is time vs money savvy, they will instantly spot a flaw.  Technically, you are making a loss.  And if you have spotted this, pursuing a career trying to make money writing is not for you.

In my opinion and experience, the key to making money writing articles, blogs etc. lies in seeing it as a long game.  And as we all know, to play the long game, you have to invest in the short term.  This means putting less focus on money itself but investing in creating a varied and valuable portfolio of writing which may mean writing for very little money or, for free.  This not only gives prospective employers easy access to seeing your work but, it secures a credibility and reputation which is ultimately, what will improve your chances of being able to make money writing online.

The free blog opportunities out there means that creating an online portfolio is easy and the beauty of it is that, you have as much creative freedom as you like.  That means, in terms of trying to set yourself up for bidding for serious writing jobs, you can demonstrate your array of writing skills.  And of course with things like affiliate links, making money from blogging is also an option.

In line with any writer’s acceptance of making little money in comparison to the effort exerted, there are websites like Helium which, although in my opinion, isn’t worthwhile as a means to make money writing online, does at least present some opportunity to make money writing online.  However, this amount is so minimal and it takes so long to be able to earn enough to even pay yourself out, the best way to look at it is another opportunity to create an online portfolio of writing.

I have been writing for over 7 years during most of which, I have also had a full-time job.  My writing was born out of love so initially, I was just interested in writing, not making money.  But like so many, I did suffer with the recession so naturally, I sought opportunities to lean on my skills to earn some money.  It is through this that I found websites like PeoplePerHour and eLance.  Here, jobs are posted and although competition is fierce, my experience is that once you get your foot in the door, making money writing becomes a lot easier.

In fact, I only started taking it seriously since November 2013 and after bidding for many jobs, I finally landed myself a regular writing opportunity which led to more and more.  In fact, I have so much writing coming in, I have created a team of writers who take care of the surplus.  I do still work full time so I don’t put too much pressure on making another income through the writing but, it is certainly nice to know that the opton to do so is there.

My advice on how to make money writing online? Have faith, invest your time, don’t be greedy.  The money will follow.


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