Good Reasons to Quit Your Job

Taking the decision to quit your job can be a brave and daunting process. But are you making the right decision?

 I don’t like the word ‘quit’. It implies that you have given up. I prefer ‘moving on’.

Since we spend so much of our lives at work, our experiences and how we feel affect our personal life and can even mould us into the people that we are. Although there are many reasons why you shouldn’t quit your job, there are many good reasons that indicate that the time is right for moving on from it. Here are a few:

1. Career progression

Job hunting is not fun and it is hard to find the time and to stay motivated enough to persevere. It is therefore very easy to get stuck in one place for convenience – we all like familiarity but it doesn’t necessarily bring us happiness.

I think that a good indication of whether the time has come to seek other opportunities, is to assess where you are in your career, where you would like it to progress to, and whether that progression is feasible in the position that you are in.

You need to think and aim realistically but if you find that you would like to further yourself but your role will not facilitate that, if you don’t move on then you will become increasingly frustrated and de-motivated.

2. Ethics and Morals

Companies change, whether it is due to the economic climate or change of management strategies, just because you love it, does not mean that in time your feelings will not change. That is not to say that the minute something you do not like happens, it is time to leave but equally you’re heart needs to be in line with the way that the company operates.

If you disagree with decisions, it does not necessarily mean that you will be unhappy. However, if operations are carried out that are against your morals and ethics, this is a strong reason to consider moving. If you do not, you will find yourself detaching from your work which will consequently affect your performance.

3. Happiness

As I mentioned before, we spend so much of our lives at work that happiness really is an important factor. You don’t have to have a passion for your job in order to be happy – most people view work as a means to an end. But you do need to be happy. If you feel unhappy, determine the factors that are causing this and assess whether you think moving on from your job will help. If the conclusion is that it will, there’s your answer!

4. Experience

Long gone are the times when a job was a job for life. With ever changing markets and economic climates, employers generally deem it advisable to widen your experience by working for different companies. Your ability to do so demonstrates wider range of experience and the aptitude to adapt. However, you should be careful how often you change companies as employers do not want to employ someone who has no staying power.

5. Outside influences

Aside from the factors stated, there are many outside influences that make moving on a practical choice. For example:

Moving House – if you move so far away from where you work, it may be more sensible to find work closer to home so that you do not burn out from such long commutes.

Having Children – whether most of your salary would be spent on child care or you simply want to see your child growing up, it may be the most suitable reason for you to move on from your job to perhaps something less demanding of your time, or leave work altogether.

Change in Career – the great thing about working in his day and age is that it is never too late to have a career change. If this is something that you aspire for, don’t dampen your ambition – go for it!


2 thoughts on “Good Reasons to Quit Your Job

  1. kdelano001 says:

    Reblogged this on kdelano001 and commented:
    I stayed at my first job for 8 the next one for 12…at the next one for 6…and now that I’m grown, I stayed at my last one for less than the requisite two years. Freedom is exhilarating. Mortgages are pesky. In balance – having the luxury to spend relaxed time hanging with my 15 year old (as long as he’ll still allow it), while thoughtfully contemplating my next and best career move – this is the greatest feeling in the world!

  2. Sam_D says:

    Thanks for the re-blog. I know, it really is liberating. I got made redundant from a company a few years back and it unclipped my wings. They gave me the gift of realising I could do anything that I wanted – a completely different mentality when you are looking for a new job to replace your current one.

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