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Freelance copywriting servicesHi, I’m Sumantha McMahon.

I get paid to think thoughts and write words.

My specialisms include copywriting, ghostwriting, blogging and digital marketing content.  And I know how to make content SEO-friendly.  Click here to find out more about that.

Click here   to sketch out how I can help your business.

Since 2012, I have worked with entrepreneurs, businesses and charities to help them attract more customers.

So, I can confidently say that the custom content I can create for you, will:

  • boost your online presence
  • help you generate more leads.

And my customers agree.

freelance copywriting servicesHow?

Search engines like content that:

  • Is unique
  • Answers your target audience’s questions
  • Demonstrates you as an expert in your subject matter

Your target audience (humans) like content that:

  • Reassures them that you are their best choice
  • Is interesting and insightful
  • They can scan easily

As a professional copywriter, I understand the formula for creating copy that engages and converts.

Hire me to connect with your target audience.


SEO Copywriting servicesSEO Copywriting

I can advise you on the basic elements of your SEO strategy but I am not an expert.  I’m an SEO copywriter.

What does this mean?

  • I follow the current best practice and scatter keywords into the natural flow of the content
  • If you need me to, I will write meta descriptions of 160 characters that include your main keyword and a call to action
  • My writing includes a healthy balance of inbound and outbound links (if you want)

And some more.

Whether it be blog posts, content marketing, website copy, I will work specifically with your search engine optimisation and marketing strategies.


SEO Optimisation TricksWill you help me get to the 1st page of google search results?

That’s a tricky question to answer.  Yes and no.  I’ll explain.

Focusing on making digital content SEO-friendly, isn’t the only factor to ranking high on Google search results.

Your content strategy should undoubtedly be a top priority, but there are other things to consider as well.


For instance:

  • Keywords – it’s crucial that you carry out in-depth keyword research. This involves finding ones that are relevant to your services and analysing their value and demand.
  • Internal and External Links – your website should have a good balance of links to both internal web pages and external websites.
  • Site Speed – how fast your website loads is something that Google looks at.  Using compression tools and reducing the number of assets e.g. images, can help.

These are just some of the activities that should be performed in the background.

When this is all put together, SEO-friendly content can make a huge difference to your ranking.

Need some advice?  Let’s have a chat – no obligation – about how I can work with your SEO strategy.


How Can I Help You?

1  What I Do 

I’m a professional freelance writer who regularly writes for myself and clients.  I inject life into your content making it easy to read, enjoy and share.

My aim is to always create great copy that resonates with your potential customer.


2  What I Offer

As I mentioned earlier, my digital content is SEO-friendly.

To break it down, here are some broad categories of writing services that I offer.

Ghostwriting  Want your name to be against the content?  I will write in your tone of voice and hand over the ownership of the content to you.

Also, I can sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if you want.

Blog Writing  Want to reach your target audience and keep them interested?  I like writing blog posts in a way that connects the reader to your brand.

Click here to see some blog posts I have created for clients.  Or you can scan my blog.

Copywriting services  There’s a famous saying that a copywriter is just a salesperson behind a typewriter.  Writing great copy is a science.  Creativity can enhance a message or detract from it.

I understand the right balance of information and creativity needed to help your business grow in the long run.


3  How I Do It

It all starts with a brief.

I’ll make sure I understand your mission, vision, and requirements before even thinking a thought.

Usually, I start writing a snippet of content so you can see early on, whether it fits with your desired style and intended purpose.  The rest of your content is steered by your brief and feedback.

You may not be entirely happy with the first draft.  That is why I offer free unlimited amendments as long as they do not detract from the brief.


What My Clients Are Saying

Sumantha is professional and thorough, she really took the time to understand what I needed and show my character in her work. I really enjoyed working with her on this project and will definitely contact her again if I need a freelance writer.

Emma Whitney, Your-PA (UK)


We commissioned Sumantha McMahon to write a number of blog articles around HR industry topics. The result was excellent, Sumantha has a great writing style and really took the time to research the topic and tie the content back to a whitepaper which we’d specified we wanted the articles to promote. Very well recommended.

Emma J, The Access Group (UK)


Sumantha did a fantastic job – accommodated a specific special request to format several points together in a unique way – and wrote extremely well on a topic that isn’t particularly common or mainstream. Would hire her as a freelance writer again for sure!

– Ollie G, Online Marketer, Canada


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