Creating smart content since 2012.  Minus the fluff.


Copywriting is like flirting.  Done badly, you repel.  Done well, you compel.

I have worked with companies, charities and individuals to write engaging copy.

Over the years I have honed the ability to extract what my clients want.  Sometimes they don’t know.  So I guide them through the process of creating a brief.

All of my work is original but is underpinned by research.  This is why I can write about almost everything – with sincerity, authority and reliability.


Instead of telling you what I do, let me show you.



The brief:  to write 100 fact cards for Danbury Mint’s Titanic and Queen Elizabeth II collections.

The challenge:  Although I was re-writing history (sort of), I needed find fresh and compelling ways to present them in the copy.

Style:  concise, clean, precise

Word count: 200 words per card


ANYA logo for writing website

The brief: to write the entire website copy for ANYA and create blog posts on a range of beauty-related topics.

The challenge: with so much competition, I had to find a way to tell ANYA’s story.  The goal of the copy is to convert visitors into customers.

Style: clean, creative, luxurious


Want to see more?

These are just a couple of examples.  In the past/present clients section you will see that I’ve also written:

  • White papers (IT based)
  • Education manuals e.g. IT for adult learners, to accompany a soap making course
  • Reviews (products, movies, books etc.)
  • Blog posts (marketing, IT, niche)


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